December 29, 2014

Spinitron server transition

Between 4 and 5pm Eastern time on Monday, Dec 29th 2014 we moved the Spinitron database, web and application services to a new cluster of servers.

Service was down during the time it took to transfer all the data to the new system and bring up the database.

After that, service was available on the new servers:

- with IP address
- with IP address

We switched the DNS A-record for and to and the change should propagate out to everyone by about 7pm Eastern time. For now there is a temporary redirect (307) from the old web server to the This works fine for all the public pages but if you try to log on to you get an SSL certificate error. You can dismiss the certificate error as it is expected (it just means that the certificate doesn't apply to as it does to and and proceed to log in. All this should clear up soon as the new DNS A-record propagates.

Anyone using Spinitron's old IP address in their automation system and/or firewall configuration needs to update it to

We'll be back soon with some more information about this transition.