February 3, 2016

Spinitron to merge with Audience Engine

Dear Spinitron users,

You may have already seen the press release announcing the merger of Spinitron and Congera, the company building Audience Engine. That document is intended for general audiences and talks about the big picture. We imagine it will raise questions about what the merge means for stations using Spinitron, so we wrote this Q&A to address the most obvious ones. If your questions aren’t covered here, feel free to ask.

Is Spinitron going away?

The Spinitron online service you use will continue to exist and be developed. It represents a key part of Audience Engine so it isn’t going away.

Are we going away?

No. We are committing ourselves to the merged organization for the long term.

Will our fees go up?

No. Fees for existing users will not change and fees quoted to users trialling Spinitron will not change.

Will the service change?

The customer service you are accustomed to will not change and you will be dealing with the same people. Speaking personally, we enjoy working this way with you, we are proud of the consequent reputation, and we intend to keep it this way. Our new colleagues have committed to support us in this work.

The Spinitron online service (the web app you use) will change by getting better. We will have more resources for R&D and some great new features are already well under way in development.

What’s the nature of the merger?

We reached an agreement in January and are scheduled to close the deal in May. Until then Spinitron LLC remains as the entity you do business with. After that, Eva and Tom will be employees of Congera.

Will payment methods change?

Not until May at the soonest. We will update you if and when we change payment options.

Will the Spinitron name change?

Spinitron will be the brand name for the web app with which you are familiar. Audience Engine is the umbrella brand name for all of Congera’s planned products of which Spinitron will be one. The new fundraising app Mynte, for example, is another.

Spinitron LLC, on the other hand, will dissolve after the merge and there will be no corporate entity with that name.

Is Spinitron moving?

No. We’re staying put here in Boston.

Audience Engine is open source. Will Spinitron be?

The plan for now is to not open source the Spinitron software. It could happen one day but isn’t an immediate priority.

In closing.

This is a big change for our little two-person outfit. However, it won’t disrupt our service to you. And we believe can offer much more value to you as a part of Audience Engine. Frankly, we would not be taking this path were we not convinced it’s the interests of our users.

We look forward to talking to you about it so feel free to get in touch. The old contacts are still in use.

Yours sincerely
Eva and Tom
Boston Feb 3rd 2016